Selected Papers from the Global Biotechnology Congress 2017

The Global Biotechnology Congress 2017 (5th in the Series), organized by Eureka Science, will be held in Boston (USA), July 10th- 13th, 2017.

This international conferenceaims to shed light on the translational nature of biotechnological research, with emphasis on both the basic science as well as its applications in industry and academia. Latest researches, business development, strategic alliances, partnering trends, product opportunities, growth business models and strategies, licensing and pharmaceutical biotechnology (e.g. vaccines, CNS, cancer, antibodies), medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, protein engineering, plant and environmental technologies, transgenic plant and crops, bioremediation, and microbial diversity research will be the subjects of discussion. It is a four day event that will provide you an opportunity to both foster collaborations and learn about the biotechnological advancements taking place in the international academic and corporate biotechnology communities.

To extend the impact of this international conference to the biotech community, the scientific committee is organizing a Special Issue in Current Biotechnology dedicated to this World Congress. We invite the attendees to participate in this Special Issue.

Website: http://2017.globalbiotechcongress.com/index.php#benifits